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Distribution Channel

Distribution - Offline Distribution / Promotions

a) Pan India presence - Availability and display presence across all major cities through distribution and retail channel. Including the Railway Station stores.

b) Availability of the books at the various collage/school/state and private libraries.

c)  Paid Promotions - Two Pileup - Rack stack display @ Crossword Book Store in Two Major Cities (Optional the list of cities will be provided). Recommended (Pune / Bangalore / Baroda / Noida / Gurugram). Two month display, copies of the book will be on pileup / rack display at each store.

d) Book Signing / Store Visits - Meet and Greet the Author.

e) Posters for the book stores - A3 Size.
f)  Social Media Engagement through Facebook. 

g) Premium retail display.

h) Book Mark for the book stores.

Advantage to the Author:

a) Pan India book presence display at all leading book stores, railway station book stalls.

b) Pan India book presence through distributors and retail presence.

c) Paid promotions - Stack and pile up displays at three major retail outlet.

d) Sales data will be provided on daily basis in Google Docs Spread Sheet.

e) Pics from the store display will be provided on request. 

f) Added advantage of multiple sellers in Amazon / Flipkart.


Sales Data:

a) Google doc spreadsheet will be provided to the author, to track the availability of stores and cities on a monthly update on the spreadsheet.


The initial order Quantity would be 400 copies for the same, the distribution fee one time would be INR 75,000/- including all the taxes for each title for paid promotions.


* For single book distribution, the one time fee per title would be 75,000/- and if there are multiple titles, then the one time fee would be 45,000/- per title, rest remains the same.


For normal distribution it will be two to three copies which would be sent to the stores, Only Google doc sheet and Sales data would be provided in the normal distribution. 


Terms & Conditions :- 


a) The author will provide printed copies for distribution at a discount of 55% on MRP.

b) 150 days credit period from the date of invoice.

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