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Worldly, humorous, mysterious and funny… these fourteen stories by the award-
winning author Thampy Antony Thekkek gently stroke the surface of Indian and
American life.
 Sweet Pain
 During that Journey
 Mysterious Somebody
 Curry Leaf
 Jo Ramona
 Dr. Alliankan Speaking
 The Chief Editor’s Story
 Paulo Coelho and Kochu Paulo
 The Lady Biker
 Guava Mango
 The State
 The Damsel
 The Winter Leaf
 The Forbidden Fruit
Being an Indian American author, poet, actor, and film producer, he writes about
Kerala life from a metro, and about metro from a metro. That is the peculiar
beauty of this book. And the stories can be read with ease… Brilliant, original, and
entirely absorbing work of fiction…

The Lady Biker - Thampy Antony Thekkek

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