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When we care, nurture & cultivate our mind like a rich fertile ground, it will blossom far beyond our expectations. Just like how a gardener protects his crops from toxic elements, we need to consciously free our minds from the contamination of negative thoughts & limiting beliefs. This little handbook of Mindful Practices uncovers the secrets of longevity, energy healing & raising your vibration through: * Uniting inner harmony with outward practices creating more peaceful outcomes. * Enhanced focus through awareness 7 manifestation. * Creating our sacred space bringing clarity & direction. * Keeping habits a bay that does not serve your higher purpose. * Food therapy guidelines for wiser meal choices. * Being fit & active through daily movements and exercise. * Social & Spiritual Wellness. As we sow the seeds of mindfulness into our lives, we shall reap the benefits of a healthier self - Physically, mentally, socially & spiritually.

The Mindful soul by KUSUM GUL JIANDANI

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