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Mark-Fly releases its second Medical Book, this time in the field of Artificial intelligence

COMPREHENSIVE AND CURRENT ROLE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IN MEDICAL HEALTH CARE FIELD (With specific emphasis on Endocrine Surgery as a prototype, template)



The healthcare sector undergoes several paradigm shifts periodically on a timescale. It has its own unique set of challenges, new diseases, new treatments, new theories, and continuously evolving theories and scientific evidence. All these scenarios compel healthcare professionals, especially doctors to learn constantly, relearn, and unlearn the science. In addition, biomedical advances, technological advances, the introduction of the internet, and search engines have integrated imperceptibly into the medical management of diseases.

In general, computers, Apps, new software applications, and the new kid in the block i.e., Artificial intelligence (AI), and deep machine learning have emerged in a big way in the past three years. Doctors, do find it difficult to understand and decode these technological advances, adding to their already existing workload. The tools, current knowledge, and optimal application of AI in healthcare practice especially endocrine sciences/ endocrine surgery is the crux of this book. It is our explicit pleasure and implicit satisfaction to present this Monograph on the Comprehensive role of AI in health care with specific emphasis on its impact on endocrine sciences/ surgery as the template/ prototype for discussion. We felt the need for focused, crisp, and specific knowledge on this subject for ready reference for doctors/ healthcare professionals across all specialities. This task is a composed synchrony between the need for work in literature, our knowledge, and accumulated practical experience on this issue.

The two vital aspects of this monograph are a succinct presentation of this issue and a summarized, structured presentation of subtle aspects of AI in current healthcare management. Another crucial aspect of this work is the structured presentation of our knowledge, based mostly on our clinical and operative experience, complemented by the literature, wherever needed. We opine that there is a dearth of literature on the optimal role and effectiveness of AI in the endocrine sciences/ surgery field and its management. This apparent lacuna prompted us to evolve a focused monograph. But, contrary to most of the focused monographs, we attempted an easy format for ready reference on the intricacies of AI in healthcare rather than elaborate theoretical, academic stuff. We tried our level best to strike a perfect balance between practical utility and the quantity of information required to enhance the interest of readers. Finally, another striking feature of this monograph is every subsection of this monograph is a mini-monograph itself on that sub-aspect. We consciously attempted to ensure that, the reader can start anywhere and join the mainstream of this monograph, apart from reading the entire manuscript in a single pass.

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