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3 Benefits of Reading Regularly

3 Benefits of Reading Regularly by Mansi Gupta

Living in an expeditious world we have forgotten the essence of slow-living. Often, we define ‘going through Insta quotes and FB captions’ as reading. However, when was the last time you picked a paperback from your bookshelf and perched on your comfy couch to literally wade through the pages instead of just skimming through them?

Being in the 21st century, we are hemmed in with an abundance of information to an extent that it can get arduous to keep in touch with it. Subsequently, many of us have obliterated the indispensability of reading from our minds.

WHY? The best reply a non-reader would give you is… there is no time for reading.

However, reading every day can help you in numerous ways apart from just amplifying your vocabulary.

1. Stress Buster

Developing a reading habit might feel like combating your worst enemy in the initial days. But once you have achieved that milestone, you will soon realize that reading can be an aid to those sleepless nights and dark alleys of destruction that your mind often weaves.

2. Helps you go with the wind

Reading helps you live a thousand lives. Some nights you can be a robber, while other nights, maybe a professor. Reading lets you form a perspective to look at things out of the circle. It allows you to go beyond the boundaries.

3. Improves Memory

You can’t fight nature, no matter how much you earn or how famous you might get. Reading those ten pages every day can help improve your thinking ability. Just like any other body part, your brain requires stimulation. And, reading lets it stay engaged. Yeah, it’s like a brain exercise. So, the next time you are squatting around, think about your brain too.

Happy reading!!

Mansi Gupta



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