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Author Arvind Narsima Bags a Publishing Deal for his 5th Title.

After penning down his 4 Best Selling Novels in ENGLISH, the Author from the French City in Puducherry Pens his 5th in Tamil.

About The Author:

He is known better as AUTHOR ARVIND NARSIMA in the literary circles on various social media and to readers worldwide, as well as on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. He has come a long way to become the author that he is. Despite having crossed through a rough patch of teenage that was filled with desolation, poverty, and struggles, the author kept alive his undulant passion for reading and writing.

Having published 4 best-selling books, “THE INVESTIGATOR SERIES”, “THE ARAVAN HEAD”, “THE CHOSEN ONE” and “ARYA’S HUNTING GROUND” along with two short stories in the anthologies, MIDDLE MARCH and SEASON OF LOVE, critics have quoted that he differs hugely from the other contemporary writers as his writings depict most of the social, political, psychological, and economic delinquencies taking place inside domestic ambiances and in the society, with a keen appreciation to the human values.

THE ARAVAN HEAD was an immense hit, liked both by readers and critics. It was acclaimed as the BEST BOOK 2017-2018 by LITERARY OSCARS and the author himself was adjudged an official FINALIST for GLOBAL AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2017-2018 award by POWER IS YOU movement, USA. Both THE CHOSEN ONE and ARYA’S HUNTING GROUND have won Best Book Awards 2019 from Indian Awaz Foundation and Best Authors’ Award 2020 from Coimbatore Literary Awards. He was recognized as VOICE OF INDIAN LITERATURE 2021 by NE8X litfest organizers.

He’s a staunch believer in God and his Legacy, which he intends to leave behind for his daughter to hold dear to her heart forever, would be to get recognized as a good author, as a writer whose words would have touched millions of fans, worldwide. His other passionate hobbies include traveling, cooking, painting, and singing.

He lives in the French city of Puducherry with his wife and daughter.

More news about the book is to be followed thereafter.

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