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Coimbatore Literary Awards, Conducted Successfully!

Winners and Runners Announcement - COIMBATORE LITERARY AWARDS.

Coimbatore Literary Awards, India’s growing Literary Award Fest recognizes Authors’ of National and International standards. This highly ambitious event was organized by Mark-Fly Publishers from Coimbatore, founded by Akshay Sharma. He being an Author himself desired to create an enduring cultural legacy to spread the essence and caliber of Indian literature all around the world. The principle activity was to bring the talented and deserved authors to the limelight. Likewise, Mark-Fly Publishers’ primary vision and point was to bring the city Coimbatore to the “Literature map” of India.

The Director of the event Akshay Sharma always had a dream to mark the city for organizing Awards and Literature Fest since 2018, as the city had always been rich in its Literature and Heritage, despite people from the city longed for such Awards and recognition. He left no stone to build Coimbatore Literary Awards to make a reach in entire India by using the marketing strategies by Mark-Fly Ventures, which is run by him as well.

By witnessing various Award events and Literature fest across the country, he wanted to organise such beautiful event even in Coimbatore. And turn the dreams into reality!

This Virtual Event received 75 Entries from the entire country, and a few places abroad, however, out of those entries, only 50 were nominated in the CLA, with 10 Winners and 6 Runners bagging this prestigious Trophy. The award categories are such as, Best Fiction - which included (Thriller, General, Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, and Poetry), along with Best Non-Fiction/Self-Help Award.

The Winners are-

1. Malathi Ramachandran (From Bangalore) in the category of Best Fiction – Historical, (BOOK NAME – MANDU, THE ROMANCE OF ROOPMATI AND BAZ BAHADUR)

2. Sarang Mahajan (From Aurangabad) in the Category of Best Fiction – Fantasy. (BOOK NAME – INKREDIA)

3. Arvind Narsima (From Pondicherry) in the Category of Best Fiction – Thriller. (BOOK NAME – ARYA’S HUNTING GROUND)

4. Neha Mittal (From Lakhimpur, U.P.) In the Category of Best Fiction – Romance. (BOOK NAME – DESTINY PLAYED IT WELL)

5. Samina Mushtaq Khan (From Srinagar, Kashmir) in the Category of Best Fiction – Poetry. (BOOK NAME – OBSESSED WITH THE DAWNS)

6. Kapil Raj (From Delhi NCR) in the Category of Best Fiction – General. (BOOK NAME – ENDURER – A RAPE STORY)

7. Indraneel Majumdar (From Bangalore) in the Category of Best Non Fiction. (BOOK NAME – 7 AM CHRONICLES)

8. Viji Venkat (From Gujarat) in the Category of Best Fiction – Mystery. (BOOK NAME – A BLUE MOON INTERLUDE)

9. Puneeth JH, (From Luxemburg) in the Category of Best Psychological Thriller. (THE UNSOLVED CASE OF AN INDIAN WOMAN)

10. Kosha Shah Chandaria, (From Ahmedabad) in the Category of Best Self-Help. (CHAOS, THEOS AND KOSMOS)

The Runners are;

1. Mansi Narula Kashyap, from Hyderabad, in the Category of FICTION THRILLER (BOOK NAME – ERIKA A THRILLER)

2. Chirasree Bose, From Hyderabad, in the Category of FICTION – HUMOUR. (BOOK NAME – MRS. BASUS’S UNCENSORED FAMILISM)

3. Avishek Gupta, from Kolkata, in the category of Fiction – Fantasy. (BOOK NAME - VISION OF A SUMMER PAST)

4. J Vijayalakhsmi, from Rajkot Gujarat, in the Category of Poetry. (BOOK NAME – LOVE BEYOUND LOVE)

5. Anu Krishna and Nitika Krishna, from Bangalore, in the Category of NON FICTION. (BOOK NAME – THE SECRET OF LIFE – DECODING HAPPINESS)

6. Sunayana Khandelwal, From Delhi, NCR, in the category of FICTION – ROMANCE (BOOK NAME – CAN YOU LOVE THIS WAY)



2. GAUTAM CHAUDHURY from United States of America, in the Category Best Fiction – General, Social Drama.

3. Tejaswi Priyadarshi, from Bangalore, in the category Fiction –Thriller.

4. Shalini P Sawkar, from Bangalore, in the category of Fiction – Humour.

5. Shefali Arora, from Jhalandhar Punjab, in the Category of Fiction Romance.

The Literary Awards were given to the authors who amazed and astounded the Jury members with their unique writing styles, by using vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. It is an award bestowed for literary merit and excellence in the writing field. The winner in each category got a special display at the premium book store, Odyssey. Also Publishing Deals and other benefits from Mark-Fly Publishers.

The Coimbatore Literary Awards is now going to be an annual event after the first edition which was held virtually on 15th November, 2020.

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