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Coimbatore Literary Awards -Flying High!

Coimbatore Literary Awards, India’s growing prestigious Award show has begun to acknowledge the real talents in the literature field for both national and international authors.

Mark-Fly Publishers’ desire to create an enduring cultural legacy in India is based on this substantial involvement in the country’s social and economic life. The main motto behind this Award Show is to spread the essence and caliber of Indian literature all around the world. The activity is to bring talented and deserved authors to the limelight irrespective of caste, creed, and colour.

Akshay Sharma, The founder of Mark-Fly Publishers and the Director of Coimbatore Literary awards, had a dream from the very beginning to make an imprint in the Indian Literature field, likewise, the primary vision and point are to bring the city Coimbatore to the “Literature map” in India.

He is an Author himself who had experienced the value of encouragement through winning awards from different parts of the country, and that is the reason he is focused to acknowledge talents.

The Literary Awards are given to the authors who are amazed and astounded with the unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. The “Coimbatore Literary Awards” is an annual event organized for the best books, which is reviewed by the jury panel. Selected books deserve extraordinary praise and the publication is proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and writing skills of talented authors.

It is an award bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and the publishing industry. The winner in each category to be awarded a special display at the premium bookstore. Also with a trophy and a shielded certificate, from the Coimbatore Literary Awards. Winners also get media coverage in a national magazine “TWELL”, with an official live session.

The award has categories like best fiction award, which includes (thriller, general, romance, fantasy, mythological, and poetry), best non-fiction/self-help Award, Best International Authors/Poets Award depending on the jury.

The esteemed Coimbatore Literary Awards is being organized by Mark-Fly Publishers, Coimbatore, in association with Twell Magazine. Mr. Deepak Tater Jain, Editor-in-Chief of Twell Magazine has stretched his immense support to the event.

Coimbatore Literary Awards had received more than 75 entries out of which 50 were selected and Final results would be announced by 15th November 2020. With over 11 Awards to be given to both National and International Authors, Coimbatore literary awards had made an impact in its very first event by getting nominations even from the state of KASHMIR to Sikkim to Gujarat to Kerala. Covering all the states in INDIA. Also, with the entries from the UNITED STATES to Europe, Coimbatore literary awards had received a good appreciation so far.

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