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Cover & Title Reveal of 'Expressions' by Uma Sarangan, Mark-Fly Publishers

The Title and the Cover was Revealed on 1st September, 2020.

Our Author, Uma Sarangan from Bangalore, is coming up with her Debut Book (Poetry) Published by Mark-Fly Publishers.


About Uma Sarangan,

Uma Sarangan is a content writer by profession who has worked in various industry domains such as health, nutrition, education and travel industry., writing blogs, articles, social media and website content.

Her journey into writing started with poetry when she started dabbling with words and verses from her college days. What gave her poetry-writing skills a shot in the arm was winning in the poetry-writing competition at the college level and getting her poem published in the Asian Age as a prize-winning entry in their National Poetry competition.

For Uma, poetry is all about plumbing the depths of one’s soul and expressing the sublime, surreal and earthy aspects of life. It is a way of seeking answers, questioning and effecting changes in the system we live in.

She loves to challenge societal stereotypes that greatly influence her writings, not to mention the satire that underlines her verses on modern life and lifestyle! That apart, her musings also reflect her love for nature, while voicing her angst against man’s exploits that rob us of the true nature of living.  While she delves on the beauty of life and living, her writings kindle the spirit of wanderlust, the need to explore different places that help broaden the horizons of the human mind.  According to her, poetry is a ‘work of the soul’  that you connect with, in all its complexities, seek redemption, sail through turbulence, and eventually heal.

The book, which is her first publication, exemplifies these elements from a lifetime of experiences. She also maintains her blog for poetry and other ramblings.

  • Guess The Title Challenge

Her Book's Title was kept with a bit of suspense at first in the digital media, along with a trending concept in the Indian Literature Industry, "Guess the Title Challenge", which was organised by the team of Mark-Fly Digital.

  • Cover Design Suspense

Similarly, the Cover Design was also focused with a suspense to attract the readers, however, having a range of creativity is needed today, and hence the curiosity was generated, that made her circle to wait for the Cover reveal.

-She shared with the editorial team of MARK-FLY PUBLISHERS.

The TITLE and the COVER Reveal, of her book.



ISBN: 978-81-947714-0-1





MRP: 199/-

Marketplace: Amazon, Flipkart, Kobo, Google Books, Kindle.

The Final Cover Design

Her Book will be released soon, tentatively by Mid September.



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