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Dr. Rishi Kanna to publish his next with Mark-Fly Publishers.

Laughter is the best medicine which is well described by his passion for sketching. A tale of current issues will bring back the craze of cartoons which was well received in the 90s. Time to read humor with cartoons again.


Dr Rishi Kanna is a practising spine surgeon based out in Coimbatore. He was born and brought up in Madurai. He is married and has two sons. He is an ardent lover of art, music and movies, and anything that keeps the ‘humane’ spirit alive and kicking.

Whatever curveballs life throws at us, he loves to see things in a lighter, humorous way. Apart from being an erudite doctor and academician, he enjoys creating memes, writing blogs on social awareness, making pencil-shaded portraits, and posting pithy comments on social media.

His articles are periodically published in The Hindu and a collection of his articles can be

accessed from his blog spot ( His first book, The Phoenix Doctors, is

medical fiction and was well received by readers and critics.

About the book

The Book is a collection of cartoons sketched during the COVID pandemic.

The pandemic has been a period of despair, depression, and desolation for many. During

the long periods of lockdown, we were forced to question several aspects of life including

education, career, travel, savings, family, health, etc., which previously, we had taken for

granted. Being at the forefront in the fight against the pandemic, it was upsetting to witness

deaths, morbidity, and our collective insufficiencies. The Author diverted his attention towards creativity to help others get over the despondent situation. What was started as a recreation,

soon became a passion. The cartoons were made using simple black marker pens and posted

on social media to share with his friends. The topics ranged from COVID pandemic,

vaccination, doctor-patient relationship, husband-wife and some topical cartoons based on

current issues.

After all, Laughter is the best medicine, isn’t it?

Title of the BOOK to be mentioned later.


Mark-Fly Publishers

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