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Janani Kannan, a 16 Y/O from Coimbatore Bags a Publishing Deal from Mark-Fly Publishers

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

THE HALF WOLF - Written by Janani Kannan

Janani Kannan from a very young age, even without being aware, has always been into writing spere. What started as a hobby slowly morphed into a passion after she finished writing her first story in the 9th grade. Though that story had a lot of snippets from other stories that she had read, it further pushed her into writing.

She wasn’t aware of the impact that story would have later on. In a way, it had kickstarted her love for writing. Her enthusiasm for writing stems from this need to create something. To imagine a world and bring it out to others. And to her, it’s an escape from reality.

Over the course of 10th grade, She started more than ten stories, trying to come up with different versions when she actually started writing her first werewolf story. It still boggles her mind how something that insignificant has turned into something monumental.

She thinks of herself as a creative person who likes to try new things, to explore. Every sentence she wrote is inspired by something she has read which clearly reflects on her writing.

From Mark-Fly;

Writing a story which is of 70k words at the age of 16 is something to look for, we Mark-Fly Publishers were Astonished at her talent, and immediately we offered her a Book Publishing Deal from our end, despite her Book deals from a few countries which she had rejected. Her only aim was to get her first book published in India, and we are so proud that we were able to get her published by Mark-Fly Publishers.

Managing her studies and writing a fantasy book which is par excellence is tremendous!

Digital Arts of - THE HALF WOLF - Designed By Mark-Fly Team

Fantasy Novel - One of its Kind.

Mark-Fly Ventures' - Publishing House is really excited to publish her book. We wish to tremendously guide Janani Kannan with her book. We admire the professional approach she displays and we are moving towards our first steps of publishing. We wish her great success.

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