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Kusum Gul Bags a Publishing Deal from Mark-Fly Publishers

Kusum Gul Jiandani from Bangalore is all set to launch her Debut Book.


Mindfulness is the outward practice of being aware, at the moment, then responding with calm understanding.

Covid 19 has not just been a pandemic of fear but also a pandemic of confusion within us. The question of what’s best for our health & wellbeing in the given situation. Several have lost their lives, their jobs or, their loved ones. The rest is keeping healthy & fine, yet in a state of confusion over what may happen next. The only way we can lay our minds to calm is through mindfulness.

This book will help you discover mindful ways to -

§ Uniting inner harmony with outward activity to create more peaceful and kind outcomes.

§ Become spiritually wiser raising, your faith higher than your fears.

§ Achieve a more balanced lifestyle mentally and physically.

§ Broaden your perception towards food & fitness.

§ Connect to your true self feeling inner peace & improved self-worth.

§ Being more at ease and more focused on your work or business.

§ Value your social space with empathy & patience, getting along better with family, friends & co-workers.

Adding to this, you are likely to adopt much more positive life-enriching experiences & behaviour as you manoeuvre through each day, especially in these testing times with the power of mindfulness & meditation within you.


1. Educational background (degree)– Developmental Psychology & Nutrition

Post-graduation - Human Resources & Personnel management

2. Began my career in hospitality training & development at Frankfinn air hostess training institute then Taj Group of Hotels as a grooming & soft skills trainer.

3. Over time I realized that wellness & success in any area is about a holistic approach. When you feel mentally & physically fit, you perform well in any area of life whether personal or professional.

4. Specialized in diabetes nutrition

5. Authored columns for Deccan Herald Metro Life and other magazines like twell.

6. Passions & interests:



Love kids so as a creative educator – teach them singing, art & value science

Won the SIWAA award for ‘Outstanding Educator’

7. Other wellness-related certifications:

§ Internationally Accredited Diploma in yoga training & nutrition

§ Peaceful babes kids yoga teacher certification - Australia

§ Spiritual healing life coach – Australia

§ NLP Master practitioner

§ International certification in ‘Positive Psychology Mastery’

8. Certifications from ‘Natural Healer’ Australia, as a natural healing therapist:

§ Meditation & Mindfulness Practitioner

§ Usui Reiki Master Certification

§ Advanced Chakra & Energy Healing

§ Certified Infinitely Gracious Business Owner in Natural Healing Therapy

9. Founder - Soul Mantra Healings

Current position – Alternative healing therapy & Personal Excellence Educator.

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