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Mark-Fly Publishers With The Indian Awaz Foundation

Indian Awaz Foundation set to organize competitions for raising donations for the flood affected people of Assam


Indian Awaz Foundation, a humanitarian NGO in India is all set to launch their initiative Prerna: Inspiring Lives into action in the month of August. Prerna is a series of competitions in a diverse range of artistic volitions such as virtual singing, photography, doodling, poetry writing and short story writing. The funds raised in this competition would be put into use to help alleviate the conditions of the Assamese people affected by flood in the times of a global pandemic, i. e, Covid-19.

The competition requires the participants to register through provided links and pay a registration fee of Rs. 99 only. The money collected would be used with a humanitarian and philanthropic objective of helping the flood affected people of Assam in these trying times. The winners of the competition shall receive cash prizes, along with other incentives such as mentoring from the esteemed judges and exposure and recognition in the social media platforms. Also, certificates of participation shall be credited to every participant.

The Indian Awaz Foundation aims to provide relief to the financially deprived and devastatingly helpless people of Assam. The core belief of the non-profit, benign organization is that together with the people and incentives available, society can be empowered and emancipated into a better future. Henceforth, beneficiaries sharing similar objectives and sentiments have come forward to sponsor and spread awareness for this event. The people of Kolkata, Surat and the Southern regions of India have been supporting and promoting the event relentlessly. Many brands, companies and organizations have come forward in partnership with the organization in order to make the event a success.

Indian Awaz Foundation urges the people from India to join hands towards a benevolent cause and to actively participate in the event. The organization also asks people of influence from all over the country to promote awareness regarding this event to their friends and followers for more attention to the event and to the flood affected people of Assam. Brands and organizations are also encouraged to actively participate in this humanitarian cause and make the initiative of Prerna: Inspiring Lives into a huge success.

In collaboration with Mark-Fly Publishers, the selected Poetry Writing will be published as an eBook from Mark-Fly.

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