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Radhika Acharya from UAE, Signs a Publishing Deal for her Book from Mark-Fly Publishers

Radhika Acharya, a blogger for many years and a writer with several articles and short stories to her name. She was brought up in Goa, however, at present, residing in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

From a very young age, even without being aware, she had always been into writing. What started as a hobby slowly morphed into something else when she started writing her first story in the 9th. she wasn't aware of the impact that would have on her life later on. she, as a creative person likes trying new things and thinks that would reflect on her writing too.

Her book named "The Adventures of the JP Family" is now signed by MARK-FLY PUBLISHERS.

The book is entirely a work of her imagination and is a collection of short stories of a fictional family called The JP family. Although they are stand-alone stories, each one of the stories runs into the next smoothly.

The target audience for the book includes people from all walks of life and both, children and adults will find it entertaining.

She undertook the writing of this collection of humorous tales after observing several common quirks and characteristics of some typically middle-class Indian families and brought them all under one family called The JP family.

She is genuinely excited at the prospect of being an author and would like to thank everyone for the constant support which is her family, friends, and well-wishers who have provided her to grow as a writer and see her efforts.

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