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Top Tips for Novice Authors

What to expect and what not to, explained briefly.

Top Tips for Novice Authors

We all have a story to tell. But, writing a story that captures the heart isn’t a cakewalk. What makes Dan Brown, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and other names legendary is their immense passion for writing.

Being a novice writer, you make numerous mistakes. However, a successful writer is the one who has walked through even the most arduous paths, made errors, and learned from them.

Here are a few tips for beginners:

1. Produce Quality Work

Drop that innate desire of achieving the numbers. Many writers focus on producing quantity. As a writer, your primordial emphasis should be on coming up with a mind-boggling story that sweeps your readers off their feet.

2. Establish Readership

Readers make you the writer you wish to be. It is of primitive importance to establish your readership in the first place. Maintaining social media presence can be of assistance to win readership worldwide.

3. Leave Money on the Backseat

Money-making is secondary when we talk about writing. The prime objective of a writer is to give a way to his/her words so they can soar eternally. Give your monetary thoughts a break, and just write. Write like it helps you breathe.

4. Pay Attention to Marketing

Marketing is that threshold that leads your readers to your book. To become a successful writer, paying special attention to marketing is indispensable. Do not only advertise your book online, adopt ways of offline promotions as well.

Being new to the industry, it is okay to come across hurdles. They might as well stumble your gait. However, stopping is never on the list for any writer. So, keep writing and keep growing!

Mansi Gupta. Writer Mark-Fly

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